Watford Palace Theatre Community Choir

Gin and Tonic

Thanks to all for taking part in this.

Things to remember:
  • Please use headphones, so that the only sound we can hear in the video is your voice. This will mean you need to devices – one playing the sound from your phone, and then recording the video with your laptop (or the other way round).
  • If you need advice not the technology, it’ll be easier to answer those questions separately, as the tech that everybody has available will be slightly different.
  • Have a couple of practices with the audio before you record.
  • Feel free to dress up or have some gin / limes to hand.

Everybody please do the first video – which is singing through the round six times, followed by ‘gin, gin, gin’ after the whistle, like we did on Wednesday.

Then Basses and Altos (as well as Tenors and Sopranos, if you want to!!) do a second video with the Ostinato parts (repeating ‘Gin, gin, gin and tonic’).

Audio Files are available here (I have now made versions with and without the extra backing parts):


Any File Format (.mov, .avi., .mp4, etc) is fine for the movies.

And here are videos of me conducting, which may or may not be helpful (it was frustrating difficult to make these! Still getting use to the technology) (ALSO AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBE – click here)

Old Videos

Setting up Zoom 24/03/20:

Statement from David Halstead 17/03/20: